Sustanon 250 ORGANON Pakistan – 250 mg/amp. I 5 ampoules.


Generic name – testosterone mix


Sustanon 250 Pakistan – 250mg/amp.

Generic name – testosterone mix

Firstly synthesized in 50s was sustanon used as a remedy for the growth retardation. Right now is in medicine mostly used for individuals with lack of testosterone or male hypogonadism.

The course of Sustanon is recommended only for adult men who have no medical conditions. Users should expect the best and fastest growth of muscle mass. The typical course takes about 10 weeks.

Like all products based on esters of testosterone, sustanon aromatize into estrogen. From the second week of the course it is recommended to take proper aromatase inhibitors such as clomid. This will help avoid many side effects or reduce their consequences. Three weeks after the completion of the drug user should begin with PCT.

Sustanon can be stacked with other products. For huge muscle gain sustanon can be stacked with nandrolone. For mass gain combined with cutting sustanon can be stacked with Winstrol. For both of these combinations user usually gets improved effect and reduces side effects.

Sustanon dosage

The initial dose is 250 mg every two weeks. The dose can be gradually increased. Professional athletes tend to dose of approximately 2000 mg per week

Sustanon side effects

As sustanon aromatize into estrogen, side effects such as acne, gynecomastia, edema and body fat. In some cases suppression of natural testosterone production can occur. Majority of these side effects can be prevented if specific aromatase inhibitors used.

Some users of sustanon report raised levels of cholesterol in blood samples. This can be resolved by consumptions of However fatty acids omega-3 during the duration of the course.

Sustanon 250 ORGANON Pakistan box consist of 5 ampoules, so 1 unit = 5 ampoules.


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