Nebido – 1000mg/amp.


Generic name – testosterone undecanoate


Nebido – 1000mg/amp.

Generic name – testosterone undecanoate

Nebido is testosterone ester, that can be stored and gradually released over a period of time. In medicine Nebido is used in adult men for testosterone replacement to treat various health problems caused by a lack of testosterone.

As this ester of testosterone is almost similar to natural one, it binds to natural body androgenic receptors and user cannot end up in a situation that his body cannot supplant enough testosterone to handle its needs. On the other hand Nebido has a pretty slow acting effect that comes from its long half life (half-life duration of Nebido is over three months, so users have to count with that fact). It has large androgenic capability, but it should not be used for more then 16 weeks.

Big advantage of Nebido is its so slow acting, combined with its potency. Few injections will deliver great results. This is a big advantage for users who do not want to inject products all the time.

Nebido dose

Because of the slow nature of Nebido, the ideal dosage is 1,000 mg every 12 weeks. Experienced users can add one more 1,000 mg dose after first six weeks.

Nebido side effects

With the recommended dosage exceedance side effects can occur. Known side effects are suppression of testosterone and gynecomastia. Also as the product tend to aromatize to estrogen, risk of changed cholesterol levels, water retention etc. is present. SERM and PCT is strongly advised.


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