Anastrozole Tablets GENESIS – 1mg/tab (50 tab.)


Generic name – Anastrozole


Anastrozole Tablets GENESIS – 1mg/tab (50 tab.)

Generic name – Anastrozole

Anastrozole is a non-steroid product for treatment of brest cancer by estrogen suppression.

Because Anastrozole in tablets does not enter kidneys and livers, so it is not excreted in the urine. Because of that product can be used by people with kidney conditions and elderly users.

As a PCT is Anastrozole used by bodybuilders and athletes to decrease side effects after use of anabolic products. As there is a risk of breast enlargement, water retention and loss of hair with majority of anabolic products Anastrozole with ability to suppress/block estrogen synthesis can alleviate some of these effects. Also it has been observed that the basic dose of Anastrozole can additionally increase the levels of testosterone.


Anastrozole should be taken orally on a daily basis as a 1-mg tablet. When is Anastrozole taken as a part of cancer treatment, patient should use Anastrozole for enough time to cancer disappear. When taken as PCT Anastrozole can be taken as long as necessary and allegedly up to 5 years.


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